The Invisible Man - The Brushstrokes of the New Black Man

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

This is my letter to the New Black Man.

The Black Man in America. As a Black woman, I stand before you. Heart racing at the thought of sharing beautifully broken stories that make up the canvas of a Kansas City artist, Harold Smith.

In this new season, I had the opportunity to sit down with Harold Smith for BlkArthouse's social platform designed to tell the stories of Black artists, Taking Up Space. Now I want to start off by saying my respect for his work is an understatement.

This brother - Our brother is one dope artist!

However, I wanted to share his art through the art of storytelling by creating space and time to learn about the man, the Black man, and his stories behind the canvas.

Collection of Artwork, Harold Smith

The beautifully broken pieces that created such a breathtaking series, “Man of Color” explores the complexities of the Black man.

Before turning on my camera, something in my spirit said you should share this with the rest of the world. Message received.

My head sometimes hung low as a pushed my pen across the empty pages of my notebook. 
My eyes at times sadden as he recalled pieces of his childhood. 
I found my forbidden frown lines soften as laughter escaped my lips. 

Make sure to catch the stories of his P-funk days or the two types of Black men in America! And don’t shy away from the moments in which he opens up about the Black family as he knew it and the journey of single fatherhood.

Our history, Black history that is, runs deeper than you or I can truly grasp at this time. Our Blackness deserves the love it craves.

So I ask that you take a moment to join the conversation of the 'invisible' Black Man with Harold Smith.

It will give you the urge to hug another Black man; or call up your brother and tell ‘em how much you love him, or look directly into the eyes of the Black man.

The New Black Man!

I want to leave you with these words. Our legends, our heroes, our revolutionaries, are living and breathing among us. They aren’t hiding in the history books of white America. Our Blackness is no longer seen with rose-colored glasses.

Our Blackness is bold, in its richness that is Black culture.

Our dreams are to be dreamt out loud. Our voices are to be put on the loudspeakers of this country. The pain and tears that once stained the streets of our communities deserve to be cleansed.

I ask you, Black man. Continue to hold the torch. We need you!

Now, I introduce to you, Harold Smith.

Your sista,

Ms. Joli


Full interview with Harold Smith.

P.S. Follow @haroldsmithart for new projects and future collections. His new “Man of Color” collection can be found on BLKMKT. The previous interview with BlkArthouse can be found on @blkarthouse.

“We as Black men are - trying to hang on to embrace our full humanity” - Harold Smith

Harold wherever you are my brother, BlkArthouse will follow with pen and pad!

A true master of his craft.

I look forward to Harold Smith’s artwork taking to the streets of Harlem where Black artists and musicians once flooded to the sunsets and beaches that spread across the coasts of San Francisco.

Your story will continue to be told.


Creative Director, BlkArthouse

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