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Introducing: BLKMKT

A new way to explore art by Black artists in an increasingly online world.

BlkArthouse is proud to announce the upcoming debut of BLKMKT, a new open-access platform for Black artists to sell their artwork online, connecting you with a broader array of styles, prices, and mediums. Here's how it will work:

The BLKMKT Framework

Artists submit their artwork to be featured for sale on the platform. The Artist maintains full discretion and management over their art, including price, dimensions, shipping, and buyer contact. You can think of it like an Etsy or Amazon for Black artists. As always, the platform is free for Black artists and artists retain a majority of the profits.

In order to maintain a curated and dynamic collection, BlkArthouse reviews and approves all artwork available for sale. A maximum of 65 pieces of art (prints and originals) will be available for sale and all artwork must be priced between $100-$2,000. The collection will rotate weekly---once a piece artwork is sold, a new piece is rotated in.

Terms of Service

The mission of BlkArthouse is to empower Black artists. In pursuit of that mission, we have developed a new terms of service agreement that you agree to by using our platform which ensures the recognition and value of our artists. Most notably, the Terms of Service state if a collector sells a piece of art purchased from BLKMKT, collector agrees to give the artist a resale royalty of 15% of the increase in price over the initial sale.

Projected Timeline

We are finalizing the BLKMKT and are currently working on bringing in new artists interested in the platform. Thus far, we have talked with eleven new artists, along with retaining some of your favorites from the inaugural cohort, including Von Deon and Diane Britton Dunham. We hope to officially on-board the artists to the platform by January 2021 so we can debut to the public just in time for Black History Month in February 2021!

That's All! Stay Tuned by Subscribing to the Platform Here.

If you know of a talented Black artist who may be interested in selling their art on our platform, send them here: