i came from love

It is the red, the black, the green, and a touch of gold for me!


“When art is shared, it is taking up space”

Love Tiffany sits down with BlkArthouse creative director, Ms.Joli, for a one-on-one to explore and define what taking up space in the art community means to her in the new artist platform, Taking Up Space with BlkArthouse.

“I came from love.”

Art to me is...

“Art is to me is passion. It comes in so many varieties and it can touch (you) in multiple levels of ways.” Tiffany shares, defining her art as 'giving a piece of me to them,' committing herself to the spreading of love and positivity.

Taking Up Space with BlkArthouse looks like for you as a Black artist…

“When I am creating a piece and it catches someone’s eye...it touches someone’s soul.“

As a Black creative and entrepreneur, Love Tiffany promotes journaling as a healing tool that provides the opportunity to reflect and document life’s stories we hold as Black people.

The power of words; inspirational words for the Black community and every woman.

Reclaiming what connects the Black community at a time when we are feeling disconnected in our history, Tiffany is using her platform to encourage the giving back to a healing community 'I am Black History!'

“Support me in supporting us. I am a small Black business wanting to have an impact on our community.“

Tiffany speaks of paying homage to her ancestors as a Black woman and the values and morals of Black people. And understanding the power of WE as a Black people.

“I have a passion for abstract art.”

Artwork(left) Utilizing the colors red, black, & green with a touch of gold.

Tiffany, a proud mother of her now 18-year-old twins, speaks of her love as a mother, the blessed journey she has had raising them thus far as she continues to grow as an artist and historian in the Black community. 'Our story is so unique, you should tell our story,' her daughter shares as Tiffany uncovers 17 years worth of journaling, of her history, in her basement.

“We should be creating our history books. Every one of us need to be documenting something. I want to hear our voices.”

Tiffany explains as she speaks of the current state of the Black community and these last few years' effects on its history.

Love Tiffany has created a space of inspiration in the comfort of her home, on her walls, and in her studio filled with some of the greatest minds and thinkers in Black history; Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Tupac Shakur, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barack Obama which is hand-drawn by a former student she taught as an educator in New York.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase” - MLK Jr.

“I want us to have pride and to bring unity”

Tiffany passionately spoke of what defining our village looks like today and how we can support each other in the pain we suffer every day. This dialogue was shared hours after learning another Black life had been taken by police misconduct.

Tiffany has committed her artistry to define and redefine what it means to take up space in the Black art community as a creative artist.

Her work can be found on the BlkArtMkt.

Artist. Visionary. Revolutionary.

Follow @lovetiffany.collection for more artwork and conversation as she continues to orchestrate the stories of Black voices with a touch of gold!

Support Tiffany at www.lovetiffanycollection.com for inspirational merchandise.

Love Tiffany is truly the Dear Abbey to the Black artists' community, as she signs off with love.


BLK Arthouse, Creative Director

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