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i came from love

It is the red, the black, the green, and a touch of gold for me!


“When art is shared, it is taking up space”

Love Tiffany sits down with BlkArthouse creative director, Ms.Joli, for a one-on-one to explore and define what taking up space in the art community means to her in the new artist platform, Taking Up Space with BlkArthouse.

“I came from love.”

Art to me is...

“Art is to me is passion. It comes in so many varieties and it can touch (you) in multiple levels of ways.” Tiffany shares, defining her art as 'giving a piece of me to them,' committing herself to the spreading of love and positivity.

Taking Up Space with BlkArthouse looks like for you as a Black artist…

“When I am creating a piece and it catches someone’s touches someone’s soul.“

As a Black creative and entrepreneur, Love Tiffany promotes journaling as a healing tool that provides the opportunity to reflect and document life’s stories we hold as Black people.

The power of words; inspirational words for the Black community and every woman.

Reclaiming what connects the Black community at a time when we are feeling disconnected in our history, Tiffany is using her platform to encourage the giving back to a healing community 'I am Black History!'