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all I need is one shot

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Don't Shoot!

One-Shot. Two shots. Three shots.


Fallen Black bodies fill the streets. While our babies stand to salute the flag. Mouths declaring peace. As red blood seeps into the concrete. No justice. No sleep. As new mothers welcome sweet tears from the child's eyes. Yesterday, another headline. Today, Don’t Shoot!

Untitled, Ms. Jolí


All I Need is One Us

Pride. Propaganda. Poverty.

Shedrick Pelt, Washington DC photographer, recalls his childhood, growing up as a military kid. Inside the bubble of America. Safe. Interracial families.Service The red, the white, the blue. Pride.

Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge


Father returns from war. Silence – filled the home. The sound of horns and cheers filled the air. Oversized floats filled the streets as the soles of military boots moved up and down the broken concrete, hands fixed above their brow.