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The BLKArtist Membership

Take the next step in your BlkArthouse journey by joining our membership, and gain access to exclusive educational seminars, bootcamps, and work sessions -- all while working in a community of people that looks like you.

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The BlkArthouse exclusive artist membership is only available to 50 artists per session.


By joining the BLKArtist Membership, you become a member of an engaged network of other Black artists working and learning together. 


Membership includes: 

  • Free seminars and bootcamps hosted by BlkArthouse and industry experts on topics like art contracts, copyright law, working with galleries, building a portfolio, marketing, and much more. 

  • Community and expert panels to discuss important issues facing our members. 

  • Open communication access to the community and BlkArthouse staff for career questions.

  • Community artwork critique sessions.

  • Discounted access to BlkArthouse events, including discounted rates for future artist fairs