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Featured artwork: "Untitled," Man of Color Series, Harold Smith.

We envision a world where art is accessible and Black artists thrive.

We're Building the Largest Community of Black Artists

Art by Black artists only comprises 1.2% of art collections in major art institutions. To address the current systemic issues, BlkArthouse is creating an empowered community of BLKArtists that collectively work together to achieve racial equity in the arts through art sales and promotion, educational seminars, story-telling, and community-building events.


To date, our BLKArtist community comprises over 200 artists, spanning four continents. We've hosted over 30 seminars, including education on topics like copyright, art contracts, and art critique, and launched a "Taking Up Space" initiative to highlight the stories of our artists.

Not a member? Join our membership here or sign-up for free to the general BlkArthouse artist community 

Taking Up Space: 
Our Series of Blogs, Articles, and Publications to Connect You With Our Work, Our Art, and Our Artists.

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