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our Exhibitions

Twice a year BlkArthouse hosts an exhibition event that features the multitude of artworks by our talented community of Black artists. 



Exhibition date:

June 25 - July 25, 2021 

Location: Washington, DC / Virtual 

Artist Open Call

May 14 - 28, 2021

*Artist submission forms to be available here, starting May 14

Theme: What is "Black Art?" 

Following the murder of George Floyd and last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, the demand for “Black art” skyrocketed as masses of people were looking for ways to meaningfully support Black communities. But this new interest in “Black art” by largely white audiences begged the question of what “Black art” entailed. Some collectors focused on “Black” subjects and subject-matter, while others broadly view it as any art by a Black artist.


Black artists in particular have grappled with this question as they aim to capture this demand of “Black Art” while trying to avoid pigeon-holing themselves into a certain category of art, especially one that may fall into a trope of Black trauma and pain.


We're creating this exhibition to revolutionize "Black Art" and start a broader dialogue about what entails “Black art,” what perspectives we project onto art by Black artists, and how Black artists view themselves and their artwork. 

Prior Exhibitions

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