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Our Story

We are a mission-driven consumer brand for Black art and community for Black artists. We give people access to celebrate and directly support Black art and artists. We have an artist-first approach and a lifelong mission to creating a sustainable economy around Black art. We are proud to be Black-owned and women-led. 


The art world was built on exclusivity -- art buyers and artists alike face high barriers to entry through the traditional gallery system. For buyers, this includes unaffordable price points, lack of knowledge around how to find art to buy, and general intimidation.  For artists, this includes lack of networks, a steep learning curve, and a lack of institutional support. Thus, a large section of the population for both buyers and artists have been excluded from art collection and investment. 

In particular, art by Black artists only comprises 1.2% of art collections in major art institutions. As a result:


(1) Buyers have less access to engage with and invest in Black artists, leading to an undervaluation and underrepresentation of Black artists on the global art market; and

(2) Black artists have struggled to navigate and advance their art careers due to a systemic lack of community, education, and resources. 

Frustrated by the difficulty presented with trying to find and purchase art by Black artists, founder Tatiana Rice launched the BlkArthouse platform in 2020 to provide a space for collectors looking for Black art and Black artists to thrive. 

Now, what started as a cohort of six Black artists (pictured above in black and white) has organically grown to over 200 Black artists around the globe.


The Team

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 2.11.16 PM.png

Tatiana Rice



Joli McTerrell

Creative Director


Allison Bishop

Director of Growth


Kelly Dunbar

Financial Director

artist image.png

Edem Dake

Digital Media & Brand Intern

Graduation Photo.jpg

Tyler DuBose

Curatorial Intern

As Seen In

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The BlkArthouse Advisory Board
We are entirely grateful for the contributions and guidance of our trusted advisors.

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